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Episode 125: Donnie Primetime Returns!!

July 18, 2018

What time is it?? It's PRIME TIME!!  That's right this week Gene is joined by the Steel Dragon himself, Donnie Primetime!  The Master of Prime Jit-su is here and he's in full "promo mode" selling tickets and talking all kinds of smack about "Savage Youth" Shean Christopher, Dump Sanders, and countless others!  Donnie also talks about the origins of the Featured Attraction, tagging with the REAL Cabana Man Dan, doing seminars, and "brothering" it up on the highways and bi-ways of this great land bringing Prime Jit-su to the masses!  He also talks about some of the top prospects out there on the indy scene, and you will be absolutely floored by who one of his "dream matches" would be against!! All this and much, much more in a a super fun and insightful episode of Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio!