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C.H.R.  w/Michael St. John

C.H.R. w/Michael St. John

February 25, 2008

Listen in as we talk to longtime wrestling announcer/commentator Michael St. John. Michael who has years in the business in Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham, and countless other areas joins us to talk about his career as well as the brand new United Wrestling League set to debut in Piedmont, Alabama on March 8th. 2008.

C.H.R.  w/ Randy Hales Part 1

C.H.R. w/ Randy Hales Part 1

February 19, 2008

A C.H.R. EXCLUSIVE!! Listen to the first interview conducted with Memphis Wrestling's Randy Hales since 2001! Randy is out of the business and has plenty to say about his days in Memphis. You do not want to miss this!

C.H.R. Alabama Indy Special

C.H.R. Alabama Indy Special

February 15, 2008

In this special edition of Cheap Heat Radio we will discuss the closure of IWA: Deep South and what it will mean to indy wrestling in Alabama with guests: FTW champion Insane Lane, announcer Smooth Plezing, and 2007 Carnage Cup winner Freak Show. Call in with your opinions as well!

C.H.R. w/Jamie Dundee Part 2

C.H.R. w/Jamie Dundee Part 2

February 11, 2008

Jamie Dundee returns to C.H.R. to talk about God knows what and take your phone calls. Don't miss another outrageous show!

C.H.R. w/Kevin White

C.H.R. w/Kevin White

February 8, 2008

Listen in as we talk to "New Nature Boy" Kevin White about Memphis Wrestling, UWL, and other topics along with another surprise call-in from "Superstar" Bill Dundee.

CHR  w/ Izzy Rotten Part 2

CHR w/ Izzy Rotten Part 2

February 1, 2008

We pick up where we left off last time with Izzy Rotten and cover more topics with the controversial indy star.